Production Brewery… We Are Working On It!

HGM Factory. Ningbo near shanghai. Manufacturing Brewing Tanks

HGM Factory. Ningbo near shanghai. Manufacturing Brewing Tanks

Hi friends, i am pleased to announce that work at the Unanderra factory started in late July 2016.  Once the previous occupants vacated, we were in there there visualising our plans, cleaning the space, washing down the concrete walls and floor.

Over the past few months we have been slowly progressing; polishing and coating the concrete floors, cutting in floor drains, building the shipping container kiosk to serve our ales, coffee, sandwiches and platters.  I hate standing in line to use the loo, so we are putting in an additional bathroom for your comfort.

If you have followed our progress on facebook, you will be aware of the great graffiti pieces that decorate our walls. The graffiti artist have turned the brewery into a modern art space. It really has a Wow! factor when you walk in. There is room for a few more pieces.

The graffiti forms a great backdrop for introducing pop up art shows. First up will be a sale of Aboriginal Art from the highly regarded Warlu Artists of Yuendumu. Majority of proceeds go back to the community of Yuendumu.

While in China last year I visited two brewery equipment manufacturers. In September, we ordered our cold side (fermenters & bright tanks) from HGM in Ningbo, two hours south of Shanghai. HGM (see photo attached) have supplied equipment to a number of craft breweries in Australia and around the world. Our tanks will be on a ship bound for Australia in mid November. Just in time to be Mick’s Christmas Present.

As part of our research in China we visited a couple of breweries in Shanghai who were using HGM equipment (which of course involved tasting a few ales!).

Initial goal was to be open for early December, but apologies, we are running a month or two late. Please follow us on facebook for regular progress updates.

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