Beertopia Hong Kong

Flying from to Europe & UK as many of us do, I the flight is so butt-numbing long that a one or two day stop over in places like Hong Kong & Singapore is almost a must do. There is so much to see and do in these great cities that the stopover can become one of the highlights of your trip.

Returning from my brewery tour of Portland and Vancouver last year I spent several days in Hong Kong and took in Beertopia. Well worth it, highly recommend it to any travelling craft beer nut. The 2016 Beertopia takes place November 18-19.

Its one of those events that brings out all the ex-pats living in Hong Kong. You will meet fellow beer lovers from all over the western world, as well as countless locals. Everyone was having a good time, no trouble makers to be found. Great music & food. Could not fault it.

Breweries from Hong Kong, and around the globe. Mostly craft, but a few of the big boys manage to nudge in. The Hong Kong, and select Mainland Chinese based Craft Breweries are as good as any you will find.

I spent Saturday night with the great team of Taipan Beer Co importers and distributors of Australian Craft Beer into Hong Kong. Taipan imports some of our Aussie greats including Bridge Road & Murrays. It was a lot of fun, great way to meet beer lovers from around the globe.

Beertopia Hong Kong

Beertopia  Hing Kong 2015

Beertopia Hing Kong 2015

Beertopia Hong Kong 2015

Beertopia Hong Kong 2015

HK Beertopia 4

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