To Date, Bulli Brewing Company is a modest 50 litre Pilot Brewery, operating out of Mick de Brewer’s Shed.  “It’s a great little system complete with our own malt mill, we buy 25 kg bags of malted barley, blend the grains to suit our own recipes, and mill them up fresh for brewing, just like every craft brewery does. At this stage we are just doing it on a smaller scale”.
The 50 litre pilot system will eventually be used for continuous test batches once we are producing at a commercial level.  But for now it satisfies the demands of thirsty family and friends!
“For the past few years i have toured close to 100 craft breweries in Australia, New Zealand, Portland, Vancouver, China, and it is not often that i try a beer that is significantly better than one i have brewed”.
With a walk in fridge and temperature controlled fermentation area, Mick is able to beat the Aussie heat. The harsh Australian heat can be an enemy for brewers, most beer likes to ferment below 23 degrees and be stored below 18 degrees.
Once approvals are in place we will be moving to a 230 sq metre factory in Unanderra with a full commercial brew house of 1,000 to 1,500 litres, a compliment of fermenters, and commercial chilling systems.  On a recent trip to China, Mick stopped in to visit equipment manufacturers, as well as breweries using their equipment.  The trip provided valuable research vs simply taking your chances with international suppliers and ordering over the internet.


Our Slow Start Up Story

The hardest part of the journey to date has been securing the right premises, the right size building, in the right location, with the right zoning, at a fair price. While we have not yet found that holy grail, time was passing, and it was simply time to get started. The best way to start is to get started.
With interest rates at 40 year lows, the owners of commercial properties are not looking to sell, so the market for suitable locations is very thin. A number of possible locations were pulled off the market by vendors part way through negotiations. So the task of securing premises has dragged on for two years
After two years of trying to buy the ideal building, in order to run a restaurant and brewery under one roof, we had to shelve that idea for now. We decided to just get going, buy a factory and start commercial scale brewing. If a better location comes along in a year or two, you might read that we are moving house, but for now we are starting in Unanderra (You-Nan-Dare-Ah). It’s only a short drive off the freeway, and five minutes south of Wollongong. Address to be revealed once we have all planning approvals in place.